Le succès c’est d’aller d’échec en échec sans perdre son enthousiasme.

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I am a passionate IELTS teacher with more than 7 years of experience in Cambridge exams. Teaching for the IELTS gives me the opportunity to get to know the candidates’ needs for the exam but also, being an IELTS examiner gave me the knowledge to share with my students the perfect tips and strategies to succeed in the test. It is not just a matter of a good level of English but it’s also important to understand what the exam asks and how it is expected to be answered…

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20 élèves aidés
Niveau universitaire

A propos de moi

  • Nom:Ana
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  • Rôle:Professeur
  • Localisation:Forest
  • Age:30 ans

Ma méthodologie :
I will focus on making my students confident, encouraging them to practice as much as they can so they can achieve their goals. An IELTS mock will give me a starting point to know where they are and what we will need to do to achieve the objective. My lessons will be separated by skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) so they can deeply understand what it will be asked and how it is expected to be answered. My classes will be dynamic so students can have all the theory but at the same time put in practice everything they learnt.

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